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Trello + Jira Integration

Connect Trello Boards and Jira Projects with Unito's Two-Way Integration

Automatically turn new or existing Trello cards into matching Jira issues, and vice-versa.

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Over 50,000 Users in More than 5,000 Companies Rely on Unito Everyday

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Create Simple Flows to Keep Cards and Issues Perfectly in Sync

When a card is found in Trello, create a matching issue in Jira, and keep both in sync.

When an issue is found in Jira, create a matching card in Trello, and keep both in sync.

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What you can Sync Between Trello and Jira?

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How does Unito Provide the Deepest Integrations on the Market?

Craft an ideal workflow quickly with Unito's customizable, self-serve integrations that let everyone work in their tool of choice and collaborate effectively across tools.

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Two-way Workflows Based on Flexible Rules

Go beyond traditional "if this then that" trigger-based automations and start connecting your tools more effectively with Unito's two-way workflows.

Set clear conditions to define which cards or issues to sync between Trello and Jira. All card-issue pairs will be kept up-to-date between apps as you make changes in either one. 

Take Advantage of Custom Fields

Build ultra-customized workflows by including defined custom fields, labels, and list names in your rules and effectively using them as your triggers to create new issues or cards. Ready to sync a software development request to your developer's tool? Just change the label.

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Pair up Fields Between Apps for the Ultimate Match

Guarantee the information you want is always on-hand and available in the right place with clear field mappings. Let specific details from cards and issues flow bidirectionally or restrict them to one-way only for more control. Mix and match field categories to suit your use case.

No Coding Required

Unito was designed with simplicity in mind through a self-serve, no-code interface. You’ll never need to ask IT for help building your workflow thanks to a simple point-and-click platform. You also can test it out before launch to make sure everything works the way it should.

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